Graduate Institute of Strategic and International Affairs


Institute of Strategy and International Affairs Introdustion Institute of Strategy and International Affairs(ISIA) was founded at 2000 and aims to response to the rapid-changing generation. we cultivate student of defferent prociciency like national defence, foreign affairs, corss-strait ralations,etc. Besides, we also support National Chung Cheng University for the goal of becoming comprehensive university. Therefore, we started for the preparation at 2005 and January 1st 2006 formally founded, with the first group student of 8. At 2007, Strategy and National Security in-service program was founded, with first group of 30 students .

Education Objectives

Course arrangement targets at cultivating stratety and international affair talented students. On one hand,providing internationally-related professional training; on the other hand, strenthen students with govermental ploicies. Moreover, courses combining theory to actual evidence makes stududents be even skillful at work in the future.


Of all the national universities, CCU is the first one founding Institude of Strategy and International Affairs. We closely ralated to governmental departments such as foreign affair, national defence, national security as well as investigation institude. Besides, in-servise program also offer mutual benefit with master studends.

Course Stucture

ISIA central courses A:international relations and international affair B:pan-Asia security and strategy C:policy science and policy arrangement H:central course, including international relation theory,social science theory, multilateral relation among corss-strait and U.S ,Japan, policy making and prob,em solving. Asia regional security

Future Occupation

Students future occupation focuses on the follwing five fields:
A: For further studies
B: National Examination
C: Governmental Institute, Political parties
D: International Organization
E: Others: differ from personal character


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