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The Department of Psychology, National Chung Cheng University Overview (complete version) Introduction The Department of Psychology, established by Dr. Ovid Tzeng (the academician of Academia Sinica), has offered degree programs respectively at bachelor, master‘s and PhD levels since 1992, 1990 and 1993. The postgraduate program of Applied Psychology was established in 2002 and renamed Clinical Psychology in 2003.

As the mission of the Department is to prepare students to be future psychological specialists, we provide excellent academic faulty and specialized research laboratories in six major fields of psychology (cognitive, developmental, physiological, social, quantitative, and clinical), which have been the core resources for students to acquire both breadth and depth of psychological knowledge.

Teaching Objectives

Our undergraduate program is designed to give the student a thorough psychological knowledge and its application as a foundation for further researches or future careers. For graduate program, we emphasize on offering the student advanced knowledge and research skills. As to the graduate program in Clinical Psychology, it aims to prepare students for being professional clinical psychologists.

Special Features of the Department

1. It has been the Department‘s tradition that we have great faculty-student relations and provide psychological support for southern region of Taiwan.
2. Our academic staff are specialized in diverse fields so that the students can be equipped with a thorough understanding in psychology.
3. Our academic staff have made remarkable achievements in researches and encouraged both undergraduate and graduate students to participate in their research program. Students’ dissertations and conference papers have also been awarded several times.
4. Our academic staff have played an active role in multidisciplinary teaching and collaborative research program. The students have actively taken modules from cross-disciplinary program as well.

Program Structure (program content and credit requirements)

Undergraduate program:
The compulsory modules cover fundamental knowledge across most of the major areas in psychology, and students are encouraged to take advanced modules to have an in-depth understanding in psychology and cross-disciplinary modules for interdisciplinary perspectives.

Graduate program
Both masters and PhD programs are focused on providing students with psychological expertise and methodological skills, and clinical placements are offered for the students of MA in Clinical Psychology to acquire practical clinical experience.


Our graduates have a wide range of career options, including educators and researchers (e.g. school teachers, researchers and counselors), clinical psychologists, counseling psychologists, civil servants, and officers in HR(recruitment, training and activity planning), testing, advertising and marketing, designing and management in research and development. Most of our PhD graduates are employed in universities or research institutes as full-time academic staff or researchers.

Admissions (resident student and international student)

There are multiple pathways for admissions, including joint college entrance examination, application, school recommendation and transfer examination. Admission is also open for overseas Chinese students (undergraduate and postgraduate programs) and students from mainland China (graduate programs).


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