Department and Graduate Institute of Political Science


Graduate Institute of Political Science, National Chung Cheng University, was established in 1993. Our research focus mainly on three areas: international relations, comparative politics and public administration. Our entire faculties graduated from well-known universities in U.S, Britain, France and Germany, they are full of academic power and broad vision, with an equal treatment on theory and practice. Teachers are passionate and friendly to students.

Teaching Objectives

We are focusing on prospective planning and development, looking forward to be an all-around advanced education and research institute for studies of political science in southern Taiwan. We contain researches on important topics of the field, and innovative teaching skills. We also hope to develop student’s ability to independent research and analysis. Our entire faculty’s works focus on local issues, sponsored by National Science Council, Central or local government. Our courses design follows the treads of the latest development on political science.

The Features of the Department

1. Broad and depth course planning, with an equal treatment on theory and practice.
2. Close Teacher-student relationship.
3. Excellent proportion of resource, great environment for research.
4. Strong research team, new research topic.

Curriculum Structure

In teaching, our department divides into 3 sub-groups: comparative politics, International relations and public policy. Methodology is extra course to PhD students. The total credits of our undergraduate program are 128, including 28 credits on general education, 62 credits on compulsory courses, 18 credits on elective course, 20 credits on free electives. Total 30 credits of our graduate program are, 6 credits on mutual-core courses, 9 credits on core courses for each group, 9 credits on elective courses by groups. After that, students have to submit a thesis for graduation.


Prospect for graduates Advanced studies:study MPhil or PhDs in local university or overseas. Job:
1. Assistant to congressmen.
2. Media or journalism.

Researchers and academic faculty:
1. Researchers in think tank or Institute.
2. Teachers in primary and secondary schools.

Public servants:Join the government.
Other:NGOs and corporation.


1. Local student: Individual application or joint-admission
2. Overseas student: Just see office of international affairs for further info.

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