Department and Graduate Institute of Labor Relations

Curriculum Structure

The field of labor relations studies is a social science which combines several academic and integrative disciplines. The undergraduate program emphasizes on building fundamental knowledge, teaching research methods, and real-life practices in regard to labor issues, while the master program on the other hand focuses on intense seminar discussion, application of academic theories and research methods, and the capability for students to analyzing labor issues and providing solutions.

Employment Opportunities

A) Advanced Study

i. Domestic graduate institute (Labor Relations or Human Resource Management)
ii. Foreign graduate institute 

B) Civil Service Examinations

i. License exams: LET Occupational Safety and Health Management Technician, LET Employment Services Technician.
ii. Civil Service exams: Civil Service Exams or Local Special Exams - Category Labor Administration

C) Employment

i. Private Enterprises: HRM department in private enterprises.
ii. Non-Government Organizations(NGOs): Unions, employment services organizations, and other kinds.


Four types admission of undergraduate program are available:
(1) via national entrance examination
(2) individual application to university
(3) high school recommendations.

Two types of admission for graduate programs are available:
(1) individual application/ interview
(2) entrance examination


The 21st century’s Taiwanese social, economic, and political environments are fast changing, correspondingly the employment relations and relevant labor issues are therefore rapidly transforming. Labor studies mainly focuses on the research of interaction among labor, management, and government, as well labor problem of all kinds. Owing to the lack of research in the field of labor domestically, the Graduate Institute of Labor Studies was first founded in August 1991, and subsequently the Department of Labor Relations in August, 1997. By the end of September 1999, the Executive Master of Labor Studies Program was also established to accelerate nurturing more professionals specializing in both theories and practice of labor relations.

Academic Vision

Our programs concentrate on developing students’ profession skills in two areas: Labor Relations and Policy, and Human Resource Management. Our faculty members are determined to employ solid teaching methods to foster trainees’ research ability and practical experience.

Three education goals are emphasized:
A) Interdisciplinary integration of teaching and research and concentration on cross-disciplinary academic training.
B) Developing curriculum which gives consideration to theories and practice.
C) Cultivating competent students to possess global and local caring perspectives.

Specializations and Concentrations
A) Interdisciplinary research and development.
B) Curriculum enriched with theories and practice.
C) Great teaching and research atmosphere, excellent faculty/student ratio, plus close faculty /student relation.
D) Strong research team and relentless exploration of next-generation labor issues, plus editing and publishing of Journal of Labor Studies Review.


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